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PP91 Enterprises Inc.Partners with Network Solution to provide a wide range of FREE web address features that can help your business compete online.

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    Domain Names
    • Most Popular Domains
      • Register, renew or transfer your domain names at low prices with no volume commitments
    • Country-Specific Domains
      • Country-specific domain extensions help you expand your brand globally.
    Domain Security
    • Private Registration
      • Keeps domain name registration information private. Protect your customers’ personal information from spammers and telemarketers.
    • Free Domain Protect
      • Prevents domain names from accidental or unauthorized domain name transfers.
    • Free Auto-Renew
      • Prevents accidental deletion of your domain name registrations due to missed renewal deadlines

SSL Certificates
Secure your customers' Web sites, intranets and extranets with affordable, high assurance nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificates from Network Solutions®.

  • nsProtect™ Secure Basic SSL
  • nsProtect™ Secure Advanced SSL
  • nsProtect™ Secure Wildcard SSL
  • nsProtect™ Assured Site Seal

Free Managed DNS
Leverage PP91 and  Network Solutions Managed DNS services for competitive advantage or offer consultative services for a premium. View and edit DNS records (A, MX and CNAME) or choose to use Network Solutions Parked services while a site is under construction.

Most Popular Domain Extensions


Common Usages


Most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a presence on the Internet.


Commonly used by Internet service providers, Web hosting companies or other businesses that are directly involved in the infrastructure of the Internet.


Signifies that the Web site is a credible information resource.


Reserved for Web sites built for easy viewing on mobile devices.


Reserved for non-profit groups and trade associations.


Helps segment the Internet space for the small business sector.


The only domain extension specifically designed for the individual.


Allows you to brand a company or product using one of the most recognized two-letter symbols in the world—TV.


Originally the country code for the island of Samoa, the name is now marketed worldwide as the top-level domain name for “WebSite”

Country Specific Domain Names (ccTLDs)
A country-specific extension is a great way to create a global Web presence with a local focus.

  • Speak to a new market. Create an in-language web site, or display content that is relevant to a specific location.
  • Protect your brand. Register country-specific extensions to prevent unauthorized use of your trademarks, brands, and licensed names.





Argentina, alternate for .ar





Brazil, alternate for .br





China, alternate for .cn


Christmas Island



Germany, alternate for .de






European Union, alternate for .eu


Federated States of Micronesia

United Kingdom, alternate for .uk

United Kingdom, alternate for .uk




South Georgia & Sandwich Islands

Hungary, alternate for .hu









Japan, alternate for .jp

Republic of Korea, alternate for .kr






Norway, alternate for .no

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand


Russian Federation, alternate for .ru

Saudi Arabia, alternate for .sa

Sweden, alternate for .se

Sweden, alternate for .se


Turks & Caicos Islands

United Kingdom

United Kingdom, alternate for .uk

United Kingdom, alternate for .uk

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


United States

United States, alternate for .us

Uruguay, alternate for .uy


British Virgin Islands

South Africa, alternate for .za

Domain Security

Private Registration
Many of customers may feel vulnerable to deceptive practices with their personal information publicly available on the Internet. PP91 Private Registration provides you with a solution to customers' privacy concerns by displaying alternate contact information in the public WHOIS database listing. This is available for the low cost of $5.00 per year.

PP91 Private Registration provides you with:

  • Privacy – Alternate contact information will be used to keep personal information private
  • Protection – Reduces e-mail from spammers, guards against identity theft and deters unsolicited telemarketing calls and direct mail
  • Value – For a low incremental cost, your customer will have the peace of mind that their e-mail address, home address, or phone number information will not be mined from WHOIS and misused

Key features of Private Registration:

  • E-mail Masking – Your customer’s private registration e-mail address changes every 14 days. E-mail received at this address will be filtered for spam and important messages forwarded to the designated e-mail account.
  • Synchronized Expiration – Our Private Registration service fee is pro-rated so that the expiration date can be synchronize synchronized with the expiration date of the existing domain name registration.
  • Full Control – Unlike other proxy services, the customer remains the registrant and holds all the rights on the domain name
  • Partner WHOIS Listing – You can include your customer service information in our WHOIS listing so that your customers know how to contact you.

Private Registration is available through Partner Manager and our API, so you can offer Private Registration on your Web site.

When you offer this valuable privacy service to your current domain name customers, you’ll earn incremental revenue. Kick off a campaign and see immediate impact to your bottom line.

Domain Protect
PP91 is committed to protecting you against accidental or unauthorized domain name transfers. Domain Protect adds an extra layer of protection to your domain name registration, guarding it against unauthorized domain name transfers.

Key features of Domain Protect:

  • Enabled for free with each new .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us and .name domain name registration
  • When turned on, helps to block the transfer of a domain name to another registrar. It provides protection from “domain hijackers” or others who may attempt to authorize a transfer of your customer’s domain name registration.
  • Renew and make modifications to the domain name registrations, including legal name changes.
  • Easy on/off feature allows you turn off the Domain Protect feature if you are having the Registrant validated for an SSL certificate or if you wish to transfer a domain name to another registrar.

Auto Renew
Auto Renew helps to protect the domain name registrations and other services in your account from a possible lapse in service, and potential deletion, in case you accidentally forget to renew services. With Auto Renew, you have more control and peace of mind knowing your domain name registration(s) and other service(s) are safely renewing year after year.

Managed DNS

PP91 Name server Management
Managed DNS services are critical to you and your customers’ businesses but costly to deploy yourself. PP91 offer you the use of our nameservers for free. PP91 Managed DNS services offer Partners a hassle-free and smart solution for making sure that your customers’ Web sites are available to the public and easily updated.

We provide the infrastructure and our expertise for secure server network management. You maintain control of your DNS services and information, and can consolidate your services with one provider.

Key Features of PP91 Managed DNS:

  • Free with any PP91 domain name registration
  • Reliable infrastructure ensures DNS availability, accuracy, and security
  • Scalable service supports you whether you have 100 or 1,000 domain names
  • Ability to update zone (A, MX and CNAME) records
  • Applies zone records to authoritative name servers
  • Domain Parking services while you or your customer develops the Web site
  • Easy search functions for easier management
  • 24/7 service monitoring and proactive software maintenance

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