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Through PP91 Enterprises Inc’s vast knowledge of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology, we can provide you with the experience and expertise to design and implement all facets of a GSM network. Utilizing our extensive wireless experience, we can assist with a new network build, GSM overlay or the optimization and expansion of an existing GSM network.

Services Include:

  • Vendor Selection Process - RFP's

  • Contract Negotiations with Vendors

  • Program / Project Management

  • BSS Design and Implementation - (BSC & BTS’s)

  • NSS Design & Implementation

  • (i.e. MSC, HLR, Voicemail, Provisioning, Charging Gateways, Traffic and Statistical Monitoring Platforms, etc.)

  • GPRS / WAP Implementation

  • Common Network Element Design and Implementation

  • (i.e. Short Messaging Centers, Over the Air Activation Platforms, etc.)

  • SIM Management, Design, Ordering and Implementation

  • Mobile Network Code Procurement and Implementation

  • Network Numbering Scheme & Design

  • IMSI’s / SCCP Addressing - Global Title Translations / SS7 Point Codes

  • SS7 Network Design & Implementation

  • STP Install, Database Creation, Facility Engineering and Integration

  • Authentication

  • Procure Algorithms, Implementation and Testing

  • Roaming Implementation

  • Domestic & International Connectivity and Testing, Completion and Submission of all “IR” & “AA”

  • Documentation

  • GSM Membership Enrollments

  • Technical Training of Client Employees

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