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PP91 Enterprises Inc's most comprehensive service package delivers a complete world-class solution for a wide variety of networks with a focus on return on investment for our clients. No network is too extensive or schedule too tight for PP91 Enterprises Inc's global work force. LANWorX services are focused on various key industry segments including financial and insurance institutions, industrial and manufacturing companies, government, education, and major global IT consulting firms. The LANWorX service package can include everything in your network including core and edge routers, switches, PBX, cabling, wireless LAN devices, electrical, server/desktop and more. PP91 Enterprises Inc is hardware and software vendor neutral and telecommunications carrier neutral standing firmly behind our clients and keeping their best interests our highest priority. We deliver practical solutions with exceptional quality. Over the last decade, PP91 Enterprises Inc has designed, installed and serviced hundreds of thousands of locations Worldwide.

Example LANWorX Activities
Conversion of Dial-up to Dedicated WAN
There are a variety of reasons that an organization may want to convert from dial-up to a dedicated network (i.e. Frame Relay, VPN xDSL, VPN VSAT, VPN Cable Modem). Some reasons include a reduction in long distance charges, improvement in reliability, a decrease in credit card authorization time and elimination of expensive local telephone lines. There are numerous other reasons that may be specific to each individual organization but regardless of the reasons, you need someone who you can count on to guide you through the complexities of such a conversion. Beyond helping you to justify an investment in enhancing your communications systems, PP91 Enterprises Inc can provide 100% coverage throughout North America with a comprehensive, scalable and worry-free package that combines all elements of design, deployment and support for a single or multi-site voice and data network. For years PP91 Enterprises Inc has provided extensive expertise in handling these challenges for our clients. In thousands of locations employing all forms of access, PP91 Enterprises Inc has guided clients through the "minefield" of issues like coverage, search, provisioning, installation, coordination of dozens of carriers on a single network, ensuring ongoing performance by the carriers and otherwise just making sense of a very confusing and always changing landscape.

Network Integration
PP91 Enterprises Inc’s field services team is cross-trained in the configuration and installation of dozens of different edge and core network devices needed to complete the link to the provider’s network or improve internal operations. PP91 Enterprises Inc can depot, stage, configure and drop-ship these devices with little or no notice anywhere in North America and have them met by one of our certified field technicians. An installation can be scheduled with as little as 48 hour’s notice and be expedited through PP91 Enterprises Inc’s NetMedX program in as little as two hours.

Active Directory/Domain Migration
Most of our clients face constant change in their networks and as technology changes PP91 Enterprises Inc. is able to help our clients adapt quickly even when their workstations are spread throughout North America. One example of change is the Active Directory Migration which, when completed, gives network users access to permitted resources anywhere on the network using a single logon process. It provides network administrators with an intuitive, hierarchical view of the network and a single point of administration for all network objects. PP91 Enterprises Inc. specializes in centralizing network resources so managing change is far less time consuming and costly.

PBX, Key System, VoIP Integration
PP91 Enterprises Inc installs and services a variety of telephone PBX and KSU devices across North America. Installation and support of the full lines of Avaya, Cisco, ToshibaVoIP and Nortel telephone systems is a main source of revenue for PP91 Enterprises Inc and is a competency rarely found in an organization with North American coverage. In addition we provide user and system admin training to Clients who operate Avaya, Cisco VoIP or Nortel systems. Although not as extensive as our Avaya, Cisco VoIP and Nortel practices, we have experience in Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitel, discontinued Fujitsu systems and Vertical Networks systems and can quickly customize an installation or support program to meet your precise needs. We can procure full systems, major components as well as replacement parts, stage and configure in our logistics center and even depot replacement parts for same day on-site repairs.

Fire, Burglary, Broadband Video & Security Alarm Systems Cabling and Integration
PP91 Enterprises Inc’s field services team can provide platform-specific certified structured cabling solutions throughout North America. Whether the cabling and integration is required for voice, video and data networks, security alarm systems, surveillance camera systems or fire/buglary alarm systems PP91 Enterprises Inc has the right answers. Cabling services are among PP91 Enterprises Inc.’s core competencies that go back to our founding. Pathway construction including core, sleeve and firestop in floors, walls and ceilings can be done in a variety of facilities like office, light industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and outside plant. Trenching, directional boring, fiber splicing, aerial fiber splicing are also major components of our infrastructure services.

Electrical Moves Adds and Changes
Occasionally we run across a situation during a troubleshooting and repair visit or during a deployment when a need for an additional 120VAC outlet is needed in a specified area on the site. Sometimes we find problems with existing wiring like shorts, polarization and worn or faulty components that may prevent us from completing a network repair or installation. In these circumstances, PP91 Enterprises Inc. is able to quickly make a repair or install additional service either with the primary field personnel or through the dispatch of additional personnel who hold electrical credentials and carry the needed parts. Especially when our clients know their sites require additional outlets in advance, PP91 Enterprises Inc will engage field personnel fully capable of all activities required during the same visit.

Bench Repair
PP91 Enterprises Inc's engineering staff has a range of bench repair expertise that can be applied to make simple to moderately complicated repairs on equipment that goes on "deadline" and is returned from the field. Minor repairs like replacement of modular PC or device components (hard drives, WAN modules, memory, re-imaging software, etc) are routine for the PP91 Enterprises Inc team and can be conducted as part of a comprehensive infrastructure support program or for isolated instances. This service is especially useful for equipment that may be outside of the manufacturer's warranty or if the manufacturer's turnaround is extended. PP91 Enterprises Inc can procure refurbished or new component parts or end items to speed the repair process. Extending and maximizing the life of your IT assets can be an ideal way to defer the cost of future upgrades and provide for improved business continuity.

IT Strategy Consulting
Our experienced management team can provide senior-level consulting services, offering advice on business and market strategies, financing options, organizational structure, corporate development, alliance building and more. We specialize in adaptive and creative problem-solving and partnership building as a means to lowering cost and quickly increasing market share or productivity gains for our clients.

Asset Inventory
In today’s IT environment, the quest for automation and productivity drives innovation. All organizations experience platform obsolescence across their asset base. Different platforms need to be refreshed at different times and control and accountability of those assets is challenging. Further complicating asset management is the steady turnover many organizations experience in their IT staff. Even the systems used to track and manage assets need to be replaced. When a client faces uncertainty about what is actually "on the ground" throughout their network, PP91 Enterprises Inc has a solution. PP91 Enterprises Inc deploys teams of technical field "auditors" that gather a comprehensive serialized inventory over a geographically dispersed footprint. Whether the assets are nodes on a network or stand-alone devices, PP91 Enterprises Inc can document location and capture signatures of responsible parties. Part of an Asset Inventory may be issuing Equipment Custodial Receipts (ECRs) to local managers who are assigned financial responsibility for their assigned assets. PP91 Enterprises Inc can customize a program to help you get your assets identified and secured.

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