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GSM Serivces
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FCC Mandates

Since PP91 Enterprises was Created it has been our goal to deliver to our client’s quality network engineering services tailored to their particular needs. We pride ourselves on delivering the most reliable, innovative and cost effective network solutions. Our network design team works with our clients from project inception to completion.

RF Engineering is key to the deployment and ongoing growth of a wireless network. PP91 Enterprises Inc currently utilizes the Wizard propagation tool developed by Optimal to analyze and optimize your network. Propagation studies are typically completed using 100 meter terrain data; 30 meter data is available upon request. Technologies analyzed include GSM, CDMA, AMPS/TDMA, and WIMAX (including 700 mhz).

Today's wireless providers require access to expertise and knowledge in many different arenas. PP91 Enterprises Inc is capable of being the wireless providers exclusive engineering source. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Search Area Design

  • Candidate Evaluation

  • Final RF Design

  • Frequency Planning

  • Traffic Studies

  • FCC Maps and Exhibits

  • Quiet Zone Coordination

  • Microwave Planning

  • Growth Planning

  • Edge Migration

  • Existing Coverage / Contour Plots *Now Available for Display on Google Earth

  • Extension Agreements

  • Zoning Testimony

    • Network Design, Planning, and Implementation

    • Request for Proposal (RFP) Design

    • SS7 Design, Planning, and Implementation Services

  • ISUP

  • IS-41

  • STP Design, Planning, and Implementation Services

  • Traffic Planning

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) Evaluation and Design

  • Point of Interconnect (POI) Location Analysis

  • PSTN Tariffs, Long Distance Carriers Negotiations

  • Tandem and Central Office Location Designations

  • Interconnection Rate Analysis

  • Traffic Engineering, Grade of Service, Switch Growth

  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Design and Implementation

  • Translation Design and Dial Plan Development

  • Local Number Portability

  • E-911 Phase I & II

  • Client Training

  • Project Management

  • Project Schedule Development

  • Progress Reports

  • Project Reports

  • RF Propagation Studies

  • Site Planning and Search Ring Development

  • Pre RF Verification Tests

  • FAA/Airspace Review / FAA Filings / FCC Tower Registration / AM Tower Studies

  • Site Audits/Filings

  • FCC Compliance Audits

  • Traffic Capacity Planning

  • Frequency Planning

  • Inter and Intra System Handoff Analysis and Design

  • Microwave Path Design, Planning, and Implementation

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